1.The Whys

The Benefits of plant based eating

True Healthcare reform and caring for the planet starts in your kitchen” Plant based eating can prevent and heal many diseases and is more gentle on the planet’s resources.


Leading causes of death: Heart Disease, Cancer, Respiratory Disease, CVA, Accidents, Alzheimers and Diabetes.  The CDC estimates that 70% of Diseases is lifestyle related with 30% being genetic.


TheStandard American diet(SAD) is 51% refined carbohydrate, 42% from animals, 5% fruits and vegetables and 2% from potato chips and french fries! 


What Animal Fat does- increases LDL( bad cholesterol) and atherosclerosis, insulin resistance, carries environmental toxins which are carcinogenic.

What Animal Protein does - increases IGF-1- cancer

Meat consumption- associated with early death

Meat- especially poultry associated with weight gain

Nitrates from processed meat converts to nitrosamines (carcinogen)

Hormones from dairy- most cow are pregnant and therefore you get a dose of cow estrogen

Carnitine from meat converted by gut bacteria to TMAO (carcinogen)

Choline in eggs is converted by gut bacteria converted to TMAO (carcinogen). Eggs have high levels of arachidonic acid which is pro-inflammatory


Summary: Refined carbs( sugar and white flour), refined oils, excessive animal protein are the leading causes of CAD, Obesity, Diabetes, Alzheimers and Cancer.


What can we learn from places around world where there is longevity and health?

Blue Zones, popularized by Dan Buettner where there is longevity and health, people live on a mostly plant based diet.


Plant based eating is associated with lower BMI, reduction in heart disease, reduced risk of diabetes and cancer,  diseases of the brain and medication reduction.  PBD has nigher nutrient density, lower calorie density, high level of phytonutrients, MORE FIBER- improving our gut bacteria.


2. The Hows -Planning, planning, planning

Give your self time to appreciate the natural flavors and sweetness of whole foods. 

Fat craving is lost in 90 days and sugar craving in 2 weeks.

Set goals- small or big- goal setting helps you carry forward your intentions.

Check what is working or what needs to be changed.

Prepare for slips and get back up.

Check loads of resources on moving to plant based eating for meal and menu ideas, cooking lessons and tips and strategies.


3. Getting starting on the journey


Step 1: Plan to add more vegetables- at least 50% of your plate.  Add veggies at breakfast


Step 2: Add beans- in soups/stews, on salads, as snacks, main dish

fresh cooked or canned, tofu, tempe, edamame, hummus, refried beans, miso, crunchy baked


Step 3: Use transitional foods if you need to - meat replacements


Step 4: go for the daily dozen per Dr Michael Greger nutritionfacts.org. Add Vit B12, Vit D





Shop the farmers markets, local or natural markets, Costco ( best deals for frozen fruit and veg, non local fresh fruit and veg, organic tofu, grains and beans, nuts and seeds)

Online for more unusual grains and beans, nuts and seeds, spices- vitacost, amazon.

Spend some time each week preparing and cooking so evening meals, lunches and breakfast can be easy to put together.  Clean and chop veg so they are ready to go.

Check drawer during the week and stick in the freezer to use for soup if starting to wilt.


Menu ideas to include the daily dozen.

b/fast-:1/c cup oatmeal/slice ofww toast; smoothie with berries, 1c greens, 1 banana, flax seed

Snack: hummus and veggies/edamame

lunch: bean veg soup ( with tumeric), salad (2 veggie svg), fruit

afternoon snack:  1/4 c nuts

Dinner: stir fry veg ( 2 veg svgs) with tofu/tempe, br rice, fruit

evening snack: popcorn with nutritional yeast

water and tea during the day.

morning walk/swim, evening walk or exercise class


fats and sweets the natural way: nuts, avocado, soft tofu, some olive or other cold pressed oils, dried fruit, apples/applesauce, pears,  ripe bananas, stevia, xylitol or erythritol, 1 Tbl flax in water in place of eggs, nutritional yeast in place of cheese, nut cheeses


Eating out

Under the Bodhi tree- Mauna Lani Shops

Ai Pono- Kona takeout Thurs-Sun next to jack Diving locker.

Thai, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Mexican, Vietnamese have vegan dishes

Pau, Redwater, Village Burger, Noodle Club all have vegan dishes

Other- check menu online or call ahead.


Going to friends/family

Bring a dish you can eat.  Go for the side dishes- grains, salads and vegetables.  Eat before you go so you are not starving if you don’t know what will be available.  The Blue Zones diets are not 100% plant based so what you do most of the time is what counts.  



References and resources

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