Vivienne served as the nutritionist on the American tour of The Peace Train in Summer 2016. Here's the rap she wrote and performed for the kids! 

Learn more about The Peace Train through the beautiful, award-winning documentary When Voices Meet (

Here are the words to the rap

Nutrition Rap for the Peace Train project Summer 2016

Get on the health train

Hop on a car

Be fit and ready to be a star



Awaken your brain

Open your heart

You are what you eat

You are what you eat


Open your mouth 

To new food groups

Fruit and veg,

Red and orange, green and purple

The rainbow foods




Pass on the soda

Pass on the sweets

Your body will delight in more natural treats




Sugar is your enemy

Sugar is not your friend

It can lead to diabetes in the end




Whole grains and beans

Will feed your dreams

Don't overeat, moderation is the key

Just enough will get you where you want to be